Q-Optics Radiant LED Light System with RADHUM2

Our single-page datasheet includes only the RADHUM2 headlight. This contains updated information but is not a full replacement for our 2010 datasheet which you can also download from this page.

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Q-Optics Radiant LED Light Datasheet

Our 2010 datasheet showing our Radiant™ LED Portable Light System including the headlight, battery pack, and charger. The RADHUM has been replaced with our new RADHUM2 which you can read more about on the updated single-page datasheet.

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Q-Optics Custom TTL Loupes Datasheet

This datasheet contains information about our True-Fit® Digital Loupe Fit Technology as well as available frames and colors.

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Q-Optics Flip-Up Loupes Datasheet

This datasheet contains features, information about correct posture and optical alignment, specifications, and available frames and colors.

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