Don’t risk your neck and back on loupes that push your ergonomic limits.

Prioritize your posture and EXPERIENCE the difference.

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    Ergo-Direct field of view offering a high resolution, extra dense optical system with unmatched image clarity, weighing an average of 25 grams less than other optical systems.

    Weight: 43 – 47.5 g

    Field of View: 3 – 10 cm

    Magnifications: 2.5x / 3.0x / 3.5x


    Ergo-Direct field of view featuring an expanded area with pristine edge to edge clarity and exceptionally lightweight materials providing a weightless feel and exemplifies strength and durability.

    Weight: 53 – 58 g

    Field of View: 4 – 10 cm

    Magnifications: 3.5x / 4.0x / 4.5x


    Ergo-Angle, expanded field of view adapted the revolutionary design of the Prismatic loupe form into a deflection telescope –  resulting in the most lightweight and durable refractive loupe available.

    Weight: 48.5 – 50.7 g

    Field of View: 4 – 10 cm

    Magnifications: 3.5x / 4.0x / 4.5x

    Say goodbye to pain and hello to perfect precision. Tailor the angle of your loupes to your unique working field without redefining your posture and make every procedure a comfortable success.

    Don’t suffer musculoskeletal pain with the other 80% - flourish in superior comfort with Q-Optics loupes.

    “The light weight is the best part. Optics are incredible considering the small size and weight.”

    Dr. Steven Etoch, MD

    Ergonomics and Optics Meet

    Intelligently tailored loupes are designed to work with your body. The weight and fit will not add strain to your cervical area and shoulders, while keeping them in perfect union in a posture-neutral form with your back and elbows, further reducing strain and fatigue.

    0 – 15 °

    0 – 5 °

    ± 90 °

    Ergo-Direct – Our Galilean and standard Prismatic loupes set the precedent for high definition clarity in optics, while orienting your body in the ideal ergonomic working posture. The body is positioned with a comfortable angle neck and head, with your eyes looking softly downward through the loupes toward your patient.
    Ergo-Angle – The new Ergo-Pro prismatic loupe carries on our prismatic line tradition of high definition, ultra sharp clarity, and an expanded field of view in a deflection loupe form. Your body remains comfortable while keeping your neck straight while your eyes focus forward through the loupes as you would with a microscope.

    Enhanced Comfort, Unmatched Performance

    Q-Optics' proprietary TrueFit® digital loupe fitting technology redefines the standard for ergonomic comfort and optical performance.

    The human face is one of the most subtly complex parts of the body, the fit of your loupes should be so much more than the distance between your eyes and from your work area.


    Interpupillary distance, focus of both eyes, working distance are determined


    Digitally acquired data is analyzed to determine precise placement and declination of telescopes


    The digitally mastered parameters are translated into your precisely crafted loupes

    Invest in your future.

    Invest in yourSELF.

    “I’ve been using Q-Optics 3.5x magnification for the past six months. I must say, it has created a big difference in my surgeries. Thank you so much!”

    Dr. Krishnanunni Nair, MDS, FNHO