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Radiant™ Cordless Headlight

Drop the cable. Go cordless.

The Radiant™ Cordless Headlight provides one of the most lightweight cordless designs which adapts to most loupe frames available with an even distribution of weight. This exceptionally lightweight cordless headlight adds little weight to your loupes at under 26 grams, and runs cool to keep you working in comfort throughout procedures.

Consistent, uniform light

The Radiant Headlight provides a color-accurate, uniform, defined round spotlight in your entire field of view. See the difference across the spectrum of rendered colors in your work area, while illuminating a superior bright and vivid result. Offering a consistent, uniform light within your work area over the full runtime of each battery. The Cordless Light operates with one simple capacitive touch to the top of the battery. 

Never without light

With the short charge time, be assured you are covered that your spare will be powered up by the time your working light is ready to be swapped out. A true alternative to natural daylight values – no detail will be missed. 

Why is CRI important?

With a maximum rating of 100 CRI (sunlight), the “Color Rendering Index” is the measurement of a given light source to reveal the genuine color of objects within that light. Most LED lighting currently lies within the 70-80 CRI range, resulting in a less color-saturated tone rendering flesh tones inaccurately. It is crucial to choose lighting that will reflect your work area the most natural and genuine way attainable. The Q-Optics Radiant™ Wired Headlight offers 90 CRI, pure daylight to convey a true color rendition of your surface area as you work.

Comparison of 2431 FC Radiant Headlight in 70 CRI versus 90 CRI. No additional photo retouching or light used.



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What's Included

Blue light safety

Customer safety is our top priority