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Radiant Headlight System

Lightweight, Compact, & Precise

The Q-Optics Radiant™ Headlight System provides lightweight, compact, precision illumination focused exactly where you need it and fits virtually all loupe frames available.

Details illuminated

Clinic lights can often leave shadowing or dark areas where you need light most. The Radiant™ Headlight provides a uniform, well-defined round spotlight in your field of view, covering the whole mouth so no detail is missed.

Power your work

With up to a 40 hour run-time, your light output will not diminish during use. Choose your own level of brightness to work with from multiple settings with precision intensity controls, which will also help to conserve battery life. The large, centralized power button allows for an easy On/Off bump.


Ease of use

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Blue light safety

Customer safety is our top priority