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Product Return

  1. Fill out the Return Materials Authorization form
  2. Pack: Safely and carefully pack the part you are returning in the packaging that contained the replacement product. Seal the box.
  3. Label: Place the supplied return label on the outside of the box over the original shipping label.
  4. Ship: Using the FedEx Ground label provided, you can ship by either dropping off the package at an authorized FedEx shipping location or call 1-800-463-3339 to arrange a pickup. To review local FedEx locations near you, please go to: www.fedex.com/us.

We apologize for any issues you may be experiencing with your Q-Optics product. 

To investigate and continue to improve our products, as an ISO Certified and FDA registered company, we are required to collect detailed information about product defects and how it is malfunctioning. 

Unless otherwise noted, we ask that you return your defective product within 10 days upon receiving the replacement product as covered by your current warranty. Please send back the defective product within the 10 day timeframe, otherwise it will result in a charge for the current standard price of the replacement product.

    Be sure to include a copy of your confirmation email received after submitting your request with your shipment