Dr. Steven Lu

“After practicing dentistry full time for a few months, my neck and back started to KILL me. I’ve researched a lot and invested in courses that taught me what to look for in good dental loupes. I have put thousands of dollars down to find the perfect pair of loupes that would last me a lifetime. Having these loupes have made my life exponentially better in terms of higher quality dental work and happiness.”

Dr. Charles Simpson
“I just received my new 3.5x prism loupes. I absolutely love them. My neck is already thanking me, as is the bridge of my nose. My only regret… not contacting you sooner to get a pair. I have been a die-hard (๐˜ค๐˜ฐ๐˜ฎ๐˜ฑ๐˜ฆ๐˜ต๐˜ช๐˜ต๐˜ฐ๐˜ณ) user since 2005. I have four pairs of theirs with multiple corresponding led lights. They do make a good product. But your product is superior. Three main things made me switch over.
  1. The superior declination angle
  2. The light weight
  3. The design (I think titanium and carbon fiber are cool)
I wasnโ€™t unhappy with my previous loupes. I was hopeful your product would blow my mind. And it has.”
Uyen Pam
Dental Student

“Quite late to the game, but I finally got my new loupes ready for our new sim lab courses (fixed prosthodontics and operative). I chose Q-optics Prismatic loupes with the 3.5x magnification! Initially, I was planning to get (competitor) loupes with the same magnification because I love how clear their vision lenses are, but the downside was the weight of the frame. It was a little bit too heavy for me especially when I have to constantly look down ๐Ÿ˜”. Therefore, I switched to Q-optics; their light sporty frame and clear Prismatic lenses sold me! So far, I really like my Q-optics and it works great! ”

Dr. Jeff Trembly

“Loving my new Q-Optics. If you are thinking of getting a new pair, I highly suggest you give these a shot. My loupes saved my neck, quite literally. The steep angle of my loupes mean I don’t have to look down to see down. Game changer. I have had three different types of loupes before I found these. If you’re in dentistry, give them a chance.

Raina Harrelson
Dental Student

“I went with Q Optics! I knew that I wanted to invest in the very best loupes that I could find, so I chose Q Optics. The clarity, magnification, angle, and style were everything I wanted! Plus, I thought I might as well get the best now because I plan on using this pair of loupes as long as possible.”

Lindsay Sherrill

“I have bought loupes, light, and face shield from this company. Their customer service is outstanding. They always answer the phone quickly, address the problem, offer a solution, and get your order processed Lightening fast. This is probably the second review Iโ€™ve ever done for a company, but I just wanted to let potential customers know you wonโ€™t be disappointed- they stand behind their products!!!”

Holly Arendt

After about twelve years of practice, about a year ago I purchased my first set of (Q-Optics) loupes ever. Wow! What a difference! I quickly realized how much I couldn’t previously see and all the details I had been missing. Within a matter of one week from wearing them, my back pain is gone, my shoulder tension has been relieved, and I just haven’t been as tired at the end of the day.”

Dr. Chad Duplantis

“I’ve gone through many loupes over time, but I’ve found that the ones that work best for me are the Q-Optics prismatic loupes. These are less than half the weight of competitor prismatic loupes on the market. They are able to customize the loupes to your individual preferences, therefore expanding your field of view, obtaining your appropriate angle of declination – which all leads to career longevity and better personal experience while practicing.”

Judy Mendoza

“I have been practicing dental hygiene for almost 40 years and have been at this office since 1990. I have had two other loupes from other companies. We haven’t been that pleased with the other companies’ service. Q-Optics rep, Melissa, came to our office a few weeks ago and all three hygienists, Dr. Whitney and Dr. Nick bought new loupes from her. We were all impressed with her attention to detail and how thorough she was in her demonstration. Dr. Whitney and myself both had an issue with our loupes and we are so impressed by her follow up to correct them and deliver in a timely manner. I appreciate your customer service immensely. Thank you!”