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Q-Frame Prescription Change

For Q-Style (Classic and Revival) Frames, the prescription is built-in and your loupes will need to be returned to us in order to change it out.

  1. Submit prescription update request with this form to begin process
  2. Remove your headlight from your loupes. Do not send your headlight when sending in your loupes!
  3. Thoroughly clean and disinfect your loupes. Q-Optics may determine refusal of repair if product is deemed unsanitary or unsafe.
  4. Package your loupes safely in their case and in appropriate shipping materials inside a box in preparation for shipment. Please include a copy of the confirmation email you will receive after submitting this form as well as your NEW PRESCRIPTION.
  5. Ship your packaged loupes to:
    1419 Godwin Lane
    Duncanville, TX 75116
    Attn: Prescription Change

    Make sure your shipment includes both your confirmation email as well as your new/updated prescription from your provider.