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Exceptionally lightweight loupes. Built to last.

Hand-crafted in the USA specifically to match your individual ergonomic needs

High-powered, lightweight, color accurate LED light systems to illuminate your field of view

What our customers are saying

Dr. Steven Lu

“Having these loupes have made my life exponentially better in terms of higher quality dental work and happiness.”

Dr. Charles Simpson

“I was hopeful your product would blow my mind. And it has.”

Uyen Pam
Dental Student

“I switched from a heavier (competitor) frame to Q-Optics. Their light, sporty frame and clear prismatic lenses sold me!”

Dr. Jeff Trembly

“Loving my new Q-Optics. If you are thinking of getting a new pair I highly suggest you give these (prismatics) a shot.”

Raina Harrelson
Dental Student

“I knew that I wanted to invest in the very best loupes I could find, so I chose Q-Optics. The clarity, magnification, angle, and style were everything I wanted!”

Judy Mendoza

“We haven’t been pleased with the other loupe companies’ service. I appreciate your customer service immensely.”

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